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Gyzie's SMP Server is closed

It has been awesome!

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NOPE! We are back *******!
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Somewhere back in (I guess) 2011 I started with hosting a Minecraft server from home to play together with friends. These were Bukkit servers running some plugins, but after a while of messing with multi-worlds, plugins, creative and survival servers I decided that I wanted to host a survival server. The server became a vanilla server and after the 1.7 release together with the other players I decided to start with a new world.

On the 27th of October 2013 at 11:00 CET Gyzie's SMP Server started with the fresh new world. Together with memonon, Unmountable, KBesselink, _Richely and thethimon I kicked off the new world (Unmountable found the first diamond, and then fell into lava). The server, not yet whitelisted, started to attract more and more players. It even reached the point of not being able to handle all the griefers. At that point I decided to make the server whitelisted and we ended up with a very cool player base that was slowly growing.

But running a Minecraft server is time consuming, especially when it's a vanilla server on which you don't have any proper tools for checking griefing. To make the server griefer free I've been working really hard on custom scripts and a custom admin panel. This takes a lot of time and needs continued maintenance. But at some point Minecraft started to loose my interest. I didn't feel like maintaining the server as frequently as I used to, but I don't want to see the server become the biggest mess possible. That's why I've decided to stop the server, at least stop it being run by me.

It has been really fun playing those two years together with all of you. Those were some amazing 153 ingame Minecraft years! I hope to see all of you in other games some day.

I especially want to thank all the players who've helped me run the server.
Moderators: Memonon (LordNoLife), Unmountable (Norrage) and Nyuee.
Jailers: cjlax15, toeballjak, RafaelGaona1.
TeamSpeak Moderator: AvengeGrim.
Old staff: Wadawada (Moderator).

- Gyzie

- Download the server and other files as a zip (Google Drive)
- Worldmap as of the 24th of November 2015
- Worldmap of the server before release of Minecraft 1.7

Contact me via the e-mail on www.gijsoortgiese.com

Groeten uit Gyzie's SMP Server!

Thanks everyone for playing!